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Mighty Hike Completed!!

And what a great day it was! Many people turned out for the 2023 MacMillan Cancer Care Lake District Mighty Hike at Ullswater on Sunday 18th June! The day raised £700,000.00 in total, so a great effort by all! The weather was much warmer than expected and, as we've had over the last few weeks, it turned hotter and very muggy by lunchtime with little in the way of breeze. There were a lot of flies and horseflies (I hate horseflies!). By the 10th mile I was struggling with the heat but I managed to complete the walk, (and got a medal!) which was done in memory of my father who passed away during lockdown due to cancer. The MacMillan nurses were amazing, so it was a fitting tribute to help them in his memory on Father's Day, in the place my father loved the most. I hope he was watching!! It was also nice to meet TruckerGerry who spends much of his time raising money for these fabulous charities. (See my Facebook page for a link to his website). Here's some photos of the day! The JustGiving page will be open for donations until September, if I remember rightly, so if you'd like to donate, even if it's just £1, go on the Just Giving website and type Sharon Leedell in the search box to go to my page. Thank you! :)

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