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The blog is back!

After a bit of a rest, the blog column is back!! Let's fill you in on what's been happening!

Book 6 of Misty's Mini Guides - 'Favourite Walks in the Eden Valley & North Pennines', is well under way with just 4 of the 20 walks left to complete! We've had such a great time exploring the walks so far, with some spectacular views to be had!

We've also had a few navigation days and a guided walk thrown in, with more really lovely people enjoying the fantastic views we are lucky to have here!

It's also been fantastic to see our business showcased in the latest edition of The Professional Mountaineer! Being a small business means we can be more flexible with choice of dates, so if you'd really like to see the view and the day you booked looks rubbish for weather, more often than not we can change the day to a sunny one, (if there is one!) so you don't miss out on the views! We look forward to seeing you! Please ask if you have any questions!

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