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Misty's Guided Walks operates within the upland areas of the Lake District, which are ecologically and scientifically important. These areas are susceptible to damage through growing visitor numbers and climate change. We acknowledge our responsibility to maintain and protect these environments, both by carefully considering and mitigating our direct impact as well as promoting and supporting positive actions on the part of our customers.


We care about the landscapes we visit and are committed to continuously reviewing our environmental impact and taking steps to reduce it wherever possible. To fulfil this commitment we will:


Continue our membership of The National Trust, Mountain Training Association and British Mountaineering Councils, and consider the environment when planning all walks.


The following sections provide an overview of our current environmental actions and ongoing improvements. 



Use venues that are close to the meeting point and within a short distance of our home to reduce the use of diesel consumption. If public transport improves significantly, we will use this to travel to start points. 

Avoid Scafell Pike, Striding Edge, Swirral Edge, Sharp Edge and other summits/areas with excessive erosion problems wherever possible.


To encourage customers to use public transport where possible we offer the following benefits:


Start times and meeting points are arranged to coincide with public transport timetables, where public transport is available.

Where we do not yet run electric vehicles, any vehicles that we purchase in the future will be 100% electric vehicles. We do not currently feel replacing our vehicle is the best outcome given the limited mileage that we do.


We actively consider the environmental impact of all the products we consume as a company. Our purchasing is guided by the following practices which we apply whenever possible.


Centralise purchasing to reduce shipping 

Buy from UK based suppliers/manufacturers where possible

Use suppliers/manufacturers who prioritise minimal, recycled and recyclable packaging

We consider the end of life when purchasing all products and we currently do the following:


We don't send out paper documents, nor do we produce an annual brochure or newsletter  

All content is available online

Provide training in the use of all equipment provided to clients where applicable to ensure longevity

Reduce the use of non-recyclable packaging.

Recycle all cardboard, paper, plastic, glass and metal.

Hiking boots are turned into flowerpots!

We currently recycle our climbing ropes.


We do not own any buildings or other facilities of any kind.

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